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My miracle health update…

Bluebird of happiness

Well I went for my 3 month pellet injection 05-23-22 but had Cat Scan results waiting for me too. The Oncologist says all traces of cancer are GONE except in prostate (which is now normal size) and possibly L1 vertebra of lower spine area! It is no longer in all the all other places it originally showed up back in March 2021 including lymph nodes, bladder, liver, kidneys, left lung, etc.

When asked about my life expectancy, he said probably at least 5-6 years from diagnosis and in some cases longer, instead of the original 1-3 years they gave me April 5th, 2021. So the medication is working as they planned, they are very happy with results one year later and need to change nothing at this time.

Needless to say, I am very happy about this week’s health report based on Cat scan and blood work from lab. And I want to share my good news with you all, and thank you all for the many prayers that helped make such an outcome possible. I do appreciate them 100%
! I guess you could say, it’s a miracle! I am quite happy with this news!


Valentine’s day musings…

Winter is really no man’s friend
we’re pushing 0(F) with a wind chill at -25
perhaps that’s why Valentine’s day
never meant much to me
it’s no secret I detest the cold
shorter days and less light
maybe it’s S.A.D?
nah, that doesn’t last all year
they push diamond rings and flowers
chocolates made by some lady
but how does that make people feel
who have none of the above?
that’s what I think about regardless
love is that four letter word
poets try to capture with their wit
artists try to paint it on canvas
sculptors attempt to carve it from rock
singers claim it in their song
philosophers mold it with some wisdom
still who really can define it?
so whatever it is to you
in your present level of consciousness
may you be surrounded by it
from someone you love
on this Valentine’s day…

(Copyright 02-13-16)