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He’ll fly his astral plane…


He’ll fly his astral plane,
He’ll take you trips around the bay,
He’ll bring you back the same day.
Timothy Leary… – Moody Blues


Spring, your luminous face…Rumi


“Spring, your luminous face
resembles the face of the Friend
have you borrowed it from Him?
You are a feast for the eyes
yet your essence is hidden
like that of the soul.
The trials of winter are over
beautiful rose, lift your head and smile
the thunder has announced the arrival of spring.
The lily urges her young buds
to open their eyes and behold
the splendor of the Garden.
Stirred by the wind that carries
the sweet scent of union
the branches dance in celebration.”
~ Rumi

The Blue Bird

I am the bird of God in His blue;
Divinely high and clear
I sing the notes of the sweet and the true
For the god’s and the seraph’s ear.

I rise like a fire from the mortal’s earth
Into a griefless sky
And drop in the suffering soil of his birth
Fire-seeds of ecstasy.

My pinions soar beyond Time and Space
Into unfading Light;
I bring the bliss of the Eternal’s face
And the boon of the Spirit’s sight.

I measure the worlds with my ruby eyes;
I have perched on Wisdom’s tree
Thronged with the blossoms of Paradise
By the streams of Eternity.

Nothing is hid from my burning heart;
My mind is shoreless and still;
My song is rapture’s mystic art,
My flight immortal will.

– Sri Aurobindo 11-11-1935