well, what is it you want to know? I could tell you that my IQ is 140 but then I’d be bragging. That Meyers-Briggs Personality analysis places me smack in the middle of Introvert and Extrovert along with almost all other categories. I am ambidextrous because the nuns thought I should be right-handed. How sweet of them!

I write therefore I am. Why do poet’s write? Who knows? A look to my roots finds poets in the family, as far back as can be traced on the Emerald isle (300 years).

Emotionally, I have depths that are frankly overwhelming. When I love someone, it is forever – regardless of their response to me. Poetry started in seventh grade when I had my first crush in school, and I have written off and on ever since that time.

This quote, that I wrote in June of 2013 sums this up:
‘Everybody thinks you’re too sentimental when they are a puddle and you are the ocean…’
It is a given that I am a super-sensitive…


Twin Souls

I am not here for romance, a partner, a soul mate. I am not available – please try next door down… Thank you!  A word to the wise is sufficient.


Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Spiritually, I believe in karma and reincarnation. My experiences have been intense and much of my earlier life was devoted to the study of spiritual and metaphysical things. I have had a mind blowing samadhi experience, where I expanded out into the Universe and was consciously part of every atom and molecule. There is only one way that I know of you can do this – meditation. But then who wants to do that? My Third Eye is open, and I have psychic ability. This along with being a ‘sensitive’ is a double-edged sword – both a blessing and a curse. Still would you have it any other way? *L*

I do not smoke, drink or use drugs, and never have in my life. If you think being a sensitive and managing this is easy – try it sometime. I am an ‘old soul; and hopefully I will never have to return back here again. That’s my about story and I’m sticking to it…

Thank you for stopping by! And remember, everything is on loan here, and none of us get out of here alive – but your soul will live on…

Love and Light!

(Copyright 08-06-14)

Your likes and comments are reward enough for me.


My simple philosophy –

Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation. – Rabindranath Tagore

Don’t fall in love with a dreamer ’cause they’ll always take you in.  – from song written by David Ellingson and Kim Carnes ; sung by Kenny Rogers and Kim Carnes

The gods play games with mortal hearts. – VNV Nation

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it– always.
– Mahatma Gandhi

After despair, many hopes flourish just as after darkness, thousands of suns open and start to shine. – Rumi

The villain is created so that you don’t become the villain, and that you love the hero.  If you become the villain your throat has to be cut.  Do not become the villain or evil. – Paramahansa Yogananda (Beholding the One in All)

Everybody thinks you’re too sentimental when they are a puddle
and you are the ocean… – Dormis Aeternitas ©

People may let you down. People may suddenly turn on you. People may break your heart. But God will never do any of the above. – Dormis Aeternitas…©



Eternity… awaits…

“Games People Play” – Joe South

Whoa–the games people play now.
Every night and every day now.
Never meanin’ what they say now.
Never sayin’ what they mean.

While they wile away the hours
in their ivory towers,
’till they’re covered-up with flowers
in the back of a black limousine.

La, da, da da, da-da da;
La, da, da da, da-da de…
talkin’ ’bout you-n-me
and the games people play–now.

Whoa we make one another cry,
break a heart then we say goodbye;
cross our hearts and we hope to die
that the other was to blame.

But neither one will ever give-in,
so we gaze at an eight-by-ten
thinkin’ ’bout the things that might have been
and it’s a dirty rotten shame.


People walkin’-up to ya,
singin’ glory hallelujah
‘n’ they’re tryin’ ta sock it to ya,
in the name of the Lord.

They’re gonna teach you how to meditate,
read your horoscope, cheat your fate.
And furthermore to Hell with hate
Come-on and get-on board.


Look-around tell me what you see.
What’s a-happenin’ to you and me?
God grant me the serenity
to jus’ remember who I am.

’cause you’ve given-up your sanity
for your pride and your vanity,
turn your back on humanity;
Oh and you don’t give a da da da da da…

[Chorus x 3]

– Joe South