Not amused at all…

This large toad got trapped in garage during the day and then locked in till I found him that night.

I released him to the outdoors and he quietly hopped away.

“The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it.”

  • Chief Joseph


5 thoughts on “Not amused at all…

  1. I subscribe to the idea that all people are equal and have equal rights to mother earth. I would also like to subscribe to the notion that all creatures have the right to be left to their natural life on earth, but I fail here. I’m rather fond of toads and frogs, but less fond of rats, mice, midges, mosquitoes and other creatures that spread diseases or like to eat either myself or my fruits and veg. How difficult it is to be a perfect human being! But I like your story about the toad!

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    1. obscure to say the least – I just was looking at my so called DNA matches on and I have a 4th-6th cousin match with the name Brennan. That must have been back around the time the Vikings were running around Ireland! L Then it says less than 1% shared DNA. I’m sure that we could never trace that link if we tried. Just some more useless trivia from Ancestry. 🙂

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      1. Surely not so far back as the Vikings! They were beaten by the then High King of Ireland, Brian Boru at the Battle of Clontarf 1014 (more trivia). But compare – Barack Obama’s Irish ancestor, his great, great, great grandfather Falmouth Kearney, left Ireland in 1850, during the famine in Ireland. Barack has an 8th cousin in Moneygall, Ireland – Henry Healy (dubbed Henry the 8th!). Your 4th – 6th cousin might be much closer in time. Your shared ancestor can’t be that far back. But there’s an awful lot of Brennan’s in Ireland!


      2. oh Brian Boru – I remember my mom talking about him. And we have even more Brennan’s in the States. I didn’t know that tidbit about Barack – interesting. Well, I’m way past my wild goose chase days!


  2. well yes, that quote is regarding people. And there are no perfect people on this planet just the concept we’ve been sold by some well meaning people. Not liking animals or creatures dangerous to us would be quite reasonable. This is a strange life and a strange planet with many contradictions. Sort of like the Yin and the Yang. Still it’s the only planet we’ve got and we should take care of it.

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