that is exactly what it would be…

don’t come looking for me in heaven
I will deny you ever knew me
don’t come looking for me in hell
I will say you were the one
who took me there while I walked on earth
don’t come looking for me in space
I will scatter into a million particles
so even your clever mind shall not find me
don’t come looking for me in the void
I will reverse all time in my past
until the moment before we met
making absolutely sure our paths never crossed
because if I was granted any wish in this lifetime
that is exactly what it would be…

(Copyright 07-04-20)

only phlox were meant to last…


were the phlox a silent witness?
was it too late in the year?
now the vision came upon him
played exactly as he feared

once you’re dead it doesn’t matter
snow is falling, frozen rain
there’s a burnt out tomb still waiting
what’s it matter if we’re sane?

now he sees your spirit gliding
like a zephyr through the woods
hears the ghost of plants presiding
over the silent neighborhood

oh the blackened, charred reminders
give the story of what’s past
in the end, what price for glory?
only phlox were meant to last…

(Copyright 06-20-14)