frozen as forever more…

we made our choices long ago
there is no going back now
you keep looking for the why
to an answer you’ll never get
some people are heartless as rocks
affection as foreign as planet mars
don’t kid yourself about their core
they’re as frozen as forever more…

(Copyright 04-21-19)


fight the global paradigm…

waves roll in from distant shores
as skies of blue move pillows of white
a partial rainbow peeks from a darker cloud
and I wonder how this world ever began
2000 years ago he was crucified
for doing only good
and 2000 years later we are still
no better as humans
you say you want a better world
well this earth starts with you
fight the global paradigm…
(Copyright 1999)

Truth is straight as an arrow…


truth points in only one direction
but how many want the truth?
it seems fantasy is much better
sugar coated candy for everyone
politically correct insipid pablum
media no more than a reality show
330 channels of useless drivel
I don’t mind the truth at all
it’s much better than a smile
followed by a knife in the back
or worse yet – into your soul…

(Copyright 02-19-13)

Who wants to live forever? Now you can digitally…


check out some of these digital beyond death sites that were setup to have personal or family profiles with documents, photos, videos, voice recordings etc. – any which way you desire. There’s a wide rage to choose your best digital ‘forever’ life.

Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever