glittering upon the ocean’s face…

see those diamonds, see those stars
glittering upon the ocean’s face
that’s what you are in your natural state
but everything is rigged to tear you down
ads to sell you everything under the sun
good, better, best – never let it rest
this whole world wants you to be what they want
market you into some plastic effigy of yourself
mold you into another pathetic sheep
who follows the herd over the cliff
manipulate, frustrate, capitulate
you’ll be so far out of sync
every psychopath’s sales pitch you hear
will seem quite charming…

(Copyright 03-22-19)

New Zealand prime minister announces ban on ‘military-style semi-automatic weapons’ after mosque attack…


OMG a leader with some brains! Somebody finally gets it – ban all assault rifles now from public use… Booraaah for PM Jacinda Ardern!!!

“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Thursday announced the country was immediately banning “military-style semi-automatic weapons” after last week’s attack that killed 50 people at two mosques.”

The big, fat lie – POT is harmless…

Vaping by the numbers

Those who say POT is harmless are either smoking it, selling it, or both.

a few recent articles that involved pot:

1) O.C. man was high on pot in Fullerton crash that hurt 11 pedestrians, prosecutors say…

“A 23-year-old man accused of plowing his truck into a crowd in a crash that injured 11 people last month in downtown Fullerton pleaded not guilty Monday to driving under the influence of marijuana and hit-and-run charges, prosecutors said.”

2) Gambino crime boss’ suspected killer was high on marijuana…

“Comello reportedly told investigators he was high on marijuana during the shooting and claimed he shot the mob boss – 10 times, according to the police – because he feared for his life…”

Picture from the net.